LAGUNA | Where to Eat in Sta. Cruz: I Found Nanot's Spaghetti House

Nanot's Spaghetti House

From Binangonan, we drove to Pakil for the town's awe-inspiring church. We proceeded to the next town of Paete, visited its centuries-old church and roared uphill to the Three Crosses of Paete. Aling Taleng's Halo-halo was our pit stop in Pagsanjan, as well as in downtown, the glowing white Pagsanjan Church and the colonial style municipal building in opposite streets, then the centuries-old Pagsanjan Arch. We could have stopped off in Sta. Cruz for lunch, but we went straight to Pila Church so as not to miss the scheduled blessing of the car we were breaking-in. We spent some time there, marveling in Pila's quaint heritage town center. It was already 3:00 PM when we left Pila. Our tummies were rumbling.

Sta. Cruz was in fact the last stop of that road trip because I'd be bringing home some kesong puti. A hefty late lunch at Aurora Filipino Cuisine, arguably the most popular local diner in town, was added to that itinerary when we became hungry as wolves. But Aurora was closed; does not open on weekends said a bystander from across the street. So we continued driving along the bustling avenues of Laguna's capital until we found a parking slot just outside the historical Sta. Cruz Church. We walked around, rummaged through the busy commercial center, skipped the usual fast food chains and found Nanot's on a street where fewer cars and foot traffic pass by.

The pasta house's cozy ambience can make one think that the meals they serve are high-priced. But as soon as we're handed out the menu, my friend uttered "uy pre ang mura", as if surprised that restaurant with such pleasant interiors serves dirt-cheap meals.

Finding it obvious, I ordered Nanot's spaghetti without asking what their specialty was (the meal named after the business name, right?). My wife ordered palabok, our daughter wanted fried chicken rice meal (kids will always be kids), and my friends had carbonara, sizzling garlic chicken, Nanot's Spaghetti as well and two of them also ordered fresh lemonade. Our group of six adults and a five-year-old shelled out only around PHP 800 for these.

Nanot's spaghetti
Nanot's spaghetti

Nanot's spaghetti was tomato-based so it sort of distances itself from the taste of a typical Pinoy-style spaghetti. The fried chicken that comes with it, though nothing was special, has that crispness of a freshly deep-fried and salty flavor that complements the sour tomato tang.

Nanot's Spaghetti House's menu is more than just pasta. They have pizza, sandwiches, salads, side dishes such as nachos, fries and mojos, Japanese favorites such as sushi, rice toppings and noodles, sizzling meals, seafoods such as fish fillet and stuffed squid and all-day rice meals that comes with fried, grilled or roasted meats. Refreshments include fresh juices and smoothies, and pies and cakes for dessert. Hot coffees could have been perfect for us who would drive for kilometers, but it was not available when we visited.

Price of their family-size pizza range from PHP 300-400; pasta, sandwiches and salads start at PHP 60; Japanese, all-day rice meals and sizzling plates at PHP 80; fresh drinks at PHP 70; and a cup of coffee at PHP 95. Group meals range from PHP 700-2000.

Nanot's was established in 2012, they currently have two branches. This one's the main branch, located near DBP (the bank) just a stone's throw away from Sta. Cruz Church (Immaculate Conception Parish). The other is located beside Laguna Doctor's Hospital along Pedro Guevara Ave.

Good food, cheerful ambience, affordable price and located at the heart of the town center. Nanot's Spaghetti House did not disappoint; a satisfying ender to that eastern Laguna road trip. We drove to where kesong puti abound, then we head home.

Nanot's Spaghetti House
Address: F. Sario St. Brgy. Poblacion IV, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Opens: everyday, 10:00 AM-7:00 PM (Available for dine-in, to-go, pick-up and delivery within Laguna)
Contact: (049) 5013799 / (049) 5724050 / (+63) 09264133427 / Nanot's Spaghetti House (Facebook page)

How to Get to Nanot's Spaghetti House (Sta. Cruz, Laguna)

  • Bus to Sta. Cruz from Alabang (at South Station); Fare: PHP 80-90 or
  • Bus from Cubao (HM Transport Inc.); Fare: PHP 140 or
  • Bus from Buendia (DLTB Co.); Fare: PHP 140
  • Then go to Sta. Cruz Church, Nanot's is just around the corner
*Bus fare may have increased dramatically due to COVID-19 pandemic

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