I was so inspirited that I was able to write the first entry of this blog, narrating my experience and realizations from an unplanned side trip to Taal Volcano's majestic crater lake. That's how Pinoy Travelogue started.
This is a personal travel blog that features stories and photographs from the road, useful travel guides, honest hotel and resort insights, yummy and authentic local dishes, and other travel-related contents coming from the author's first-hand experiences.

Animasola Island, Masbate
At the rock formations of Animasola Island | San Pascual, Masbate. PHOTO: Rea Martinez

DJ Rivera hails from Binangonan, an urban-yet-homey lakeside town in Rizal province, where he first learned to daydream and turn those fantasies into reality. He spends his nine-to-five in Metro Manila engineering softwares.

At one point in his late teenage years, he grew fond of reading travel, food and lifestyle magazines—a leisure pursuit that made him discover his love for the written word and triggered his desire to pen stories and insights of his own. PinoyTravelogue.com became his channel to take that feat. He puts his travels into words and pictures whenever he feels creative.

He finds delight in reliving history and immersing in local traditions, unique cultures, and arts. He advocates social equality, conservation of the natural environment, and preservation of heritage sites.

He's a city explorer, a nightlife seeker, gin lover and self-proclaimed waterfalls chaser. He doesn't mind the noisy murmurs and searing heat inside a public market if he's on a hunt for local delicacies. He spends at least a night in his trips to grab some shot of locally crafted beers, spirits, or unique wine concoctions though gin and tonic is his go-to booze. He prefers an arduous trek across the jungle for a hidden water cascade than lying down by the beach all day (unless under a starry night).

His profound interest on things beaming with adventure, history and culture drives him to travel and write about the Philippine Islands and countries whose cultures largely differ from what he grew up with (he's some sort of NatGeo-ish, Discovery Channel-ish dude). His personal unhurried quest is to travel across Philippine provinces AND tell his sojourns through this blog.

I really find it weird writing about myself in the third person. Haha!

At the summit of Mt. Tagapo | Binangonan, Rizal. PHOTO: Nishan Belison

Let me share to you some travel inspirations and guides because, as my lovely little daughter Claire always say, sharing is caring!

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