Quick Guide: Trekking Taal Volcano Island, Batangas

Taal Volcano is a unique attraction that the tourist-frequented province of Batangas was blessed with. It was well-known not just in the country as it was regarded as the world's smallest active volcano. It is also home to the Vulcan Point, a tiny uninhabited island sitting at the middle of the sulfuric crater lake of Taal volcano which is dubbed as (get ready for this mouthful) the world's largest island within a lake within an island within a lake within an island. Vulcan Point is the largest island of that kind as it sits within Main Crater Lake, which is within Taal Volcano Island, which is within Taal Lake, which is within the island of Luzon.

Taal's main crater lake

Tagaytay City offers a scenic vantage point for Taal Volcano since it overlooks the entire Lake Taal. However, the iconic volcano island seen from the mountain ridges of Tagaytay as well as in postcards and textbooks is not the crater frequented by hikers. Taal Volcano has three craters. Binintiang Malaki which refers to the flagship crater, the Binintiang Maliit which was the smallest of the three, and the only active and tourist-frequented Main Crater which houses the placid emerald lake and the Vulcan Point. Municipalities of San Nicolas and Talisay has jurisdiction over the volcano islands.

How to Get to Taal Volcano Island

  • Take Batangas bound buses in Pasay City (LRT Buendia Station) that passes by Tanauan City. Ask the driver to get you off at Tanauan bus stop. Fare: PHP 90-100; Travel time: 2 hours
  • Hop on a jeepney bound for Talisay. Fare: PHP 20-25; Travel time: 40 minutes
  • Rent a boat at the shores near Talisay public market. Travel time: 30 minutes

Boats along the shores of Talisay, Batangas

Fees (as of January 2016)

  • Boat rental fee: PHP 1500 PHP 2000 (6 persons max capacity)
  • Horse ride: PHP 400 PHP 450 per horse
  • Tourism/Environmental fee: PHP 50 PHP 100 per head
  • Docking fee: PHP 20 PHP 50 per boat
  • Guide fee: PHP 500 per group

Essential Tips and Trip Notes

  • Best time to start trekking is around 6AM-7AM when the sun is not yet scorching hot.
  • Reaching the view deck at the summit comes in two options, either you trek by yourself or let a horse take you there.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. It's not a trail of verdant forest covered with shady trees but a long stretch of volcanic sands.
  • Pack light, wear light clothes and bring an extra shirt because sweat will befriend you on the way.
  • Wear appropriate trekking footwear. Your legs and feet might hurt if you opt to hike.
  • Energize yourself before the hike.
  • Bring a lot of water. A lot of it.
  • Wear a face mask. It's really dusty!
  • Residents of the volcano island earn a living from tour guiding and selling some local crafts. Life on that island is far from the comforts of our travel lifestyle. Lend a helping hand by buying their products or just giving an extra tip for their satisfactory service.

Dusty and rocky trail of Taal Volcano Island

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