World Travel Expo 2021: For Your 2022 Travel Goals and the Recovery of Travel Industry

World Travel Expo is back!
(Image courtesy of Ad Asia)

Ad Asia Events, one of the country's best in holding trade shows and conventions is bringing back World Travel Expo (WTE), the annual travel showcase event that gathers together a slew of tourism stakeholders to bring lots of amazing travel deals and the latest in the travel industry.

But unlike the past WTEs that were held in SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, for obvious reasons, this year's edition will be hosted online—via an interactive VIRTUAL SPACE PLATFORM, so that participants can experience the same fun and excitement of the past physical events in a safer, more sustainable and more accessible manner. Event guests can visit virtual booths at the comforts of their home, anytime they please!

virtual space platform
Virtual Space Platform
WTE 2021 virtual booths
Virtual booths
WTE 2021 virtual lounge
Virtual lounge

World Travel Expo, now on its fifth year, happens on October 14–16, 2021. It will be a three-day fair of attractive travel packages from the event's partners and virtual exhibitors consisting of local and international tourism organizations, tour operators, hotels and resorts, airline companies, cruise lines, and different concept stores offering traditional handicrafts, local supplies, and essential travel gears that will make us vacation-ready under the new normal.

There will also be insightful talks focusing on the recovery of the tourism industry which has been hard hit when COVID-19 swept most parts of the world.

Almost two years into the pandemic, the seemingly never-ending lockdowns have brought the local economy on its knees and the stay-at-home setup have exacted a toll on our mental health. WTE is back to reignite the joy that traveling brings us. It's also here to partake in the efforts that are being carried out to revitalize the tourism sector—this year's event comes on the heels of the government's plan to reopen the economy.

Event photos of World Travel Expo 2019
World Travel Expo 2019 (Image courtesy of Ad Asia)
Event photos of World Travel Expo 2019
World Travel Expo 2019 (Image courtesy of Ad Asia)

Register and join World Travel Expo — Virtual Edition. Keep up with the latest travel trends, shop for travel essentials and book your trips. Also, as health experts are now asserting that we must learn to manage risk and live along with the virus, let's get ourselves vaccinated. Besides giving us added protection, being inoculated will certainly become a travel requirement. We don't want our long-postponed vacations get postponed even longer, do we?

Let's lend a hand in jump-starting the ever-exciting travel industry and look forward to our 2022 travel goals!

See you all VIRTUALLY!!!

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