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Binangonan Fish Port | Binangonan, Rizal
10 June 2020

When the government's COVID-19 task force put Rizal province under the less strict quarantine (GCQ), I made it a weekday habit to bike around my hometown for at least an hour. I ride at sundown, after my work-from-home hours, mainly because I'm not a morning person. I wake up at eight just to start work. Even if I am, I still won't bike around because more of my kababayan prefer having their daily exercise in the morning. Social distancing could be harder to observe that way.

Binangonan is a fishing town, it borders Laguna Lake on the west. At the town center is where one finds at dawn the freshest catch of the day and the multitude of large outrigger boats that carry passengers en route to Talim Island all day. At dusk, Binangonan Fish Port, or Pritil to townspeople, is filled with a mix of islanders waiting to board and mainlanders that go there for the soothing lake breeze and eye-catching sunset.

My route begins with the usually jam-packed thoroughfare since I live near the bayan (town center), then to the highway where there traverse lesser yet faster vehicles, all the way to Binangonan's municipal boundary with Cardona before pedaling back, ending the journey with a rest stop in pritil. Once, I reached the town center later than I usually do. It was a hot day and in pritil where the sun exudes beauty as it lower itself for the nightfall, a purple dusk darkened the vicinity. Certainly, a sight to behold. ▣

On a side note, Pritil is the gateway to Mt. Tagapo, one of Binangonan's tourist attraction and Talim Island's highest point where on top, there's a 360-degree view of the vast Laguna Lake. It's a worthwhile spot for a weekend hike.

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