PALAWAN | Puerto Pincesa City Urban Tour

The last activity of our Puerto Princesa getaway was a roving tour around the city. The half-day city tour gave a glimpse of the city's historical importance as well as its environmental excellence.

Here's the list of attractions included in our itinerary:

Plaza Cuartel. A grim reminder of the World War II. Plaza Cuartel is a restored ruins of an old garrison where the infamous Palawan Massacre took place in December, 1944. Japanese soldiers burned 143 American prisoners of war alive inside a tunnel. Only 11 prisoners narrowly escaped the massacre. At the heart of the park stands a triangular memorial marker and a replica of a bronze sculpture created by Don Schloat, an American POW whose name was mistakenly included in the list of massacre victims. The bronze sculpture depicts how the emaciated prisoners must have looked like.
Plaza Cuartel
Plaza Cuartel tunnel
Barred entrance to the tunnel where American POWs were set on fire
Plaza Cuartel sculpture
Replica of a bronze sculpture created by an American POW.
Not the one behind it, though. He's our tour guide. :)

Immaculate Conception Cathedral. The first mass in Puerto Princesa was celebrated in 1872 on the land where this blue-colored cathedral with pointed symmetrical arches stands. Also on the same year, the Spaniards proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of Mary as the city's patroness.

Puerto Princesa Cathedral facade
Puerto Princesa Cathedral

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Formerly Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, it initially served as a sanctuary for Philippine Crocodiles but other animals were already taken care of by the center including several bird species and the Palawan bearcat which is endemic to the province.

Crocodile Farm, Palawan
Baby crocodiles of Crocodile Farm, Palawan
Baby crocodiles in the center's Hatchling House
Mac-mac, largest crocodile in Philippines
Mac-mac became the country's largest crocodile in captivity after Lolong died
Palawan bearcat
Palawan bearcat
Animal Species in Palawan Wildlife
Different animal species being taken care of by the center

Mitra's Ranch. Owned by the family of former House Speaker Ramon V. Mitra Jr., Mitra's Ranch is situated atop the hill giving a delightful view of the city. They offer activities such as horse backriding, zip line, and trampoline. Several animals like cows, horses, and peacock roam around the area. If you feel like just relaxing and unwinding, you may just sit on the benches and tables on the ranch and feel the touch of the winds.

Mitra's Ranch
City view from Mitra's Ranch
View of the city
Mitra's Ranch landscape
Desktop-perfect landscape!
Inside Mitra's Ranch
Inside the house

Baker's Hill. Not far from the Mitra's Ranch, Baker's Hill is a perfect hang out for the family for its beautifully landscaped garden, lovely houses, life-sized statues, and a playground that children will surely enjoy. It is the home of one of Palawan's must-taste, the Baker's Hill hopia. They also have restaurants, food stalls and guess what?... a bake shop!
Baker's Hill signs
You'll never forget that you're in Baker's Hill because of these signs :)
Baker's Hill lovely houses
Lovely structures of Baker's Hill

Baker's Hill playground
Baker's Hill statues
Baker's Hill statues
A one big happy family!

Binauatan Creations. Creator of export-quality hand-loomed woven products utilizing Palawan's indigenous fibers. Among their products are mats, table runners, curtain blinds, bags and purses being sold for a reasonable price. You can haggle for a lower price if you really are on a tight budget like us. They accept payments via credit card but for an additional fee.
Binauatan Creations weaving area
Production area
Binauatan Creations products
Binauatan woven products
Binauatan Creations weaving
Anyone may try weaving


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